Tom Magliozzi

Inducted 2018

Tom and Ray Magliozzi – Also known as “Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers,” the Magliozzi brothers were the co-hosts of NPR’s national weekly radio show, Car TalkCar Talk, NPR’s biggest entertainment hit, was produced from 1977 until 2012 and continues to be distributed in syndication.  In 1973, the MIT-educated Magliozzis opened a do-it-yourself repair shop, Hacker’s Haven. The shop rented space and equipment to hackers trying to fix their own cars.  The Magliozzis were invited in 1977 to be part of a panel of automotive experts on a call-in show on Boston’s NPR affiliate WBUR-FM.  In the fall of 1987, nine months after being asked to participate in NPR’s Weekend Edition, Car Talk premiered as an independent NPR program, and shot to the top of the ratings. In 1992, Tom and Ray won a Peabody Award for Car Talk for “distinguished achievement and meritorious public service.”

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