Eiji Toyoda

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Eiji  Toyoda
  • Guided Toyota Motor Company to become the world's third largest automobile manufacturer
  • Promoted the concept of Kaizen (continuous improvement) to secure Toyota's reputation for quality and economy

Eiji Toyoda led Japan into the world automotive market.

After attending the University of Tokyo, Toyoda began his career in 1936 in the employ of his cousin at Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. Transferring to the newly established Toyota Motor Company in 1937, Toyoda began a 50-year career that would place him at the forefront of Japanese industry.

In 1950, Toyoda undertook an extensive study of the United States auto industry and returned to Japan to create a modern passenger car production facility. Toyoda then led the Toyota company into the American marketplace with the introduction of the Toyota Crown. Although the Crown was unsuccessful in the U.S., it paved the way for the Corona in 1965. As the first Japanese car to be engineered for the American highway, the Corona was highly successful and established Toyota as a major contender for world car sales. Toyoda effectively guided the company through the 1970s, when oil shortages and emission-control regulations created challenges for auto manufactures around the globe.

Toyoda expressed his belief that: you've got to look the future in the eye and step straight ahead.

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