Preston Tucker

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Preston  Tucker
  • Challenged the automotive establishment by founding the Tucker Corporation
  • Introduced the innovative and highly original 1948 Tucker, which featured high frequenct ignition, a padded dashboard, a pop-out windshield and a third headlight that turned with the wheels.

Preston J. Tucker was a true visionary who understood the needs of post-war consumers.

In 1946, Preston Tucker announced the details of the all-new Tucker Torpedo. The car was to have an unusual rear-mounted engine and torque converter and would be produced in a former Dodge aircraft plant in Chicago. The first prototype was unveiled in mid-1947 and became a monument to Tucker's vision of a new type of cars for Americans. Unfortunately, only 51 cars were made before the company failed due to legal problems.

Preston Tucker wanted to offer American consumers a car that was safe, technologically advanced, reliable and economical to operate. He devised ingenious new approaches to the design and sale of cars.

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