Candidate Submission – Industry Influencers Award

The mission of the Automotive Hall of Fame is to celebrate the people and their automotive innovations that put the world on wheels. One of the most visible and memorable ways in which this is accomplished is through the Automotive Hall of Fame’s awards programs.

The Industry Influencers Awards reflects the Automotive Hall of Fame’s commitment to the future of the motor vehicle industry. The award recognizes men and women who have demonstrated significant potential as future industry leaders and influencers.

Candidates for the Industry Influencers Award should meet the following General Criteria:

  • Has made contributions to help advance the automotive/mobility industry.
  • Be recognized as innovative, generally characterized by the “invention” of products, ideas, or concepts.
  • Have made contributions outside the automotive industry, exemplified through community, educational, philanthropic, or government activities.
  • Be of high moral character.

Candidate Submission Deadline:

Candidate submissions must be received by January 31 in order to be considered for the Induction Ceremony held in July of the same year.

Please complete the Candidate Submission Form carefully, making sure to supply information that will satisfy the General Criteria above. In addition, please include information regarding the employment and educational background of the nominee. Copies of resumes, magazine, newspaper, web articles, and other reference materials that would assist the Awards Committee in considering the candidate, should be attached with the Candidate Submission Form. An incomplete form or insufficient information can hinder a candidate’s chances of selection.

Candidate Submission Form

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