Cars & Coffee at the Automotive Hall of Fame

September 28, 2015

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By: Matt Wolfe

The Automotive Hall of Fame held its first ever Cars & Coffee meet on Sunday, August 30th. Despite the threat of early rain, the show was an overwhelming success, drawing well over 250 cars and 400 people to the Hall on a Sunday morning.

From Studebaker Avanti’s to Nissan 350 Z’s, there was a little bit of everything from every era at the show. Modern supercars like Ferrari 458’s, Ford GT’s, and Lamborghini Huracán’s were parked alongside classic American icons like an immaculate Chrysler Imperial, a well preserved Hudson, and a flotilla of Mustangs, Camaro’s and Challengers. There were several Triumph roadsters in attendance along with oddities like a Ford Ranchero, a Caterhram 7, and even an Amphicar. The lot was also filled with a plethora of the popular imported and domestic late model sports cars like BMW M3’s, Lotus Elise’s, Mitsubishi EVO’s, Mazda Miata’s, Impreza STI’s, and Focus ST’s.

The special display vehicles for the show were equally diverse; Les Stanford Chevrolet provided an assortment of C7 Corvette’s, including a coupe and convertible version of the new Z06. The Piquette T’s were in attendance, and showed off multiple configurations of Henry Ford’s venerable Model T. Opposite of the Corvettes were classic and modern examples of a Boss 302 Mustang, and beside them was the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s 2015 Formula SAE car. On display inside the Hall was a 2006 Heritage edition Ford GT and a 2016 GT350R, which had been provided by Ford Motor Company and Ford Performance.


Based on the positive feedback we have received from the show, we will certainly be holding more Cars & Coffee meets in the future. Additionally, we would love to build on the success of Cars & Coffee by holding additional special events throughout the year that give people an opportunity to share their passion for automotive history and horsepower. Future events will be announced via our email list and on our social media pages. Additionally, if you have any feedback for future shows, or an idea for a special event we could hold at the Hall of Fame, feel free email it to us via the address below.

Thank-you again to all that attended Cars & Coffee, we sincerely enjoyed having everyone at the Hall and are looking forward to seeing you again!

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