Fred Jones – A 100-Year Legacy

October 13, 2021

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1994 AHF Inductee Fred Jones established one of the world’s leading Ford dealerships. He also pioneered the remanufacture of automobile engines and power train components and established the largest parts remanufacturing business in the country. Today, his company is known as Hall Capital and is led by his three grandsons.

Hall Capital, located in Oklahoma City, is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary and is now a national player in real estate and automotive investment.

Fred Jones
Jones’ grandsons: Fred, Boots, and Kirk Hall

“Our centennial is a momentous milestone for Hall Capital,” said Chairman and CEO Fred Jones Hall. “My grandparents – Fred and Mary Eddy Jones – started something we are honored to continue. Our family is grateful for the opportunity to have created jobs in this community, but we were also taught to serve. My brothers and I truly want to leave this city better than we found it, and we continue to also be grateful for the opportunities we have to give back.”

The Jones supported many local causes. Fred Jones served as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and played a key role in securing Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. Mary Eddy supported a number of arts-based initiatives. In 2021, the Fred Jones Family Foundation continues to support philathropic efforts.

The company celebrated with a statue of Jones near the former Model T Assembly Plant where his career began, a book about the company and family called “Here We Go!”, and a painting of the Lake Hefner view from Hall Capital’s East Wharf headquarters.

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