Brouwer D. McIntyre

Inducted 1975

Became President of Monroe Auto Equipment Company in 1937.

Fostered policies of cooperation and collaboration with the company’s work force

Led Monroe to prominence with the development of hydraulic shocks, sway bars, railroad car shocks, military vehicle shocks and load-leveler stabilizing units

Brouwer D. McIntyre brought a smoother, safer ride to travelers everywhere. At age 17 he went to work for his father, Charles, selling tire pumps for the Brisk Blast Manufacturing Company. In 1927, the company began promoting its recently developed shock absorbers under a new name: Monroe Auto Equipment Company. McIntyre advanced through the ranks, assuming joint leadership with his two brothers when their father died in 1937. Constant interaction with Monroe workers at all levels aided McIntyre in the development of many products that improved the comfort and stability of motor vehicles. Even the sky was not the limit for McIntyre’s legacy. Monroe shocks cushioned the journey for NASA astronauts on their history-making drive across the rocky face of the moon.

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Class of 1975

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