Emil G. Stanley

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1983

Emil Stanley worked over a half century in business paper publishing in the fields of transportation and the automotive aftermarket.

He was the President and Founder of Stanley Publishing Company, which was founded in 1954. He conceived ideas of publications that would assist the people in various segments of the industry.

Publications founded by him are Automotive Aftermarket News, 1953; Automotive Body Repair News, 1962; AAN/ Big “I” Show Daily, 1959; ABRN Body Shop Buyers Guide and Fact Book, 1978; and the Stanley APAA Show Daily, 1974.

Stanley was a ‘working publisher’. He traveled the convention circuits looking for news from state automotive wholesalers, from every person involved in the various businesses who attend the Big “E”, Big “I”, Pacific Automotive Shows, Southern Automotive Shows, Automotive Parts Association convention and shows and many, many others.

Very active in Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA); Automotive Service Industry Association (ASIA); Automotive Warehouse Distributor Association (AWDA); Independent Automotive Service Association; Automotive Wholesalers Association; Automotive Service Council (ASC); Automotive Parts Rebuilders; Automotive Hall of Fame, Inc. and many other associations

His interest in the success of these associations and their members caused him to travel extensively to be a guest speaker at conventions on the local, state and national level.

He is a firm believer in rewarding those devoted lo the aftermarket and has for eighteen years, presented to those deserving people the Aftermarket Leadership Spotlight.

Emil Stanley has been the recipient of many awards, too numerous to mention, but all from major associations who recognized him for his dedication to the automotive industry and its people.

After graduation from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1933 he went to work for National Petroleum News in Cleveland. Ohio. In 1937 he moved to Chicago to join the staff of Inland Printer Magazine. For eighteen years he was with the Traffic Service Corporation, publishers of Traffic World weekly, serving all modes of transportation. He resigned in 1954 as President, to launch Stanley Publishing Company.

He has been involved in his community in various programs for the Little League, Garden Club, schools, city government, church, Glenview Historic Society and other civic projects.

Known as an energetic, unselfish and dedicated publisher.

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