Enzo Ferrari

Inducted 2000

Founded Scuderia Ferrari racing teams

Achieved worldwide fame for his designs of highly successful race cars

In 1919, Enzo Ferrari began his automotive career in Turin, Italy, while working as a test driver. He later moved to Milan, where he tested cars and developed an interest in motorcycle racing. In 1920, Ferrari became a race car driver for Alfa Romeo in Milan. Working his way up, he eventually obtained the position of Director of the Alfa Racing Division. Ferrari also established the Scuderia Ferrari (Ferrari Racing Stables), which included some of the best drivers of the period. The Scuderia later became a subsidiary of Alfa Romeo. The highly successful 158 Alfa of 1937 was the first race car designed completely by Enzo Ferrari. After achieving fame throughout the racing world, Ferrari left Alfa Romeo in 1939 to operate his own car workshop in Maranello, Italy. Following World War II, Ferrari race cars achieved more fame as they won several prestigious racing titles, including the 1948 race at Le Mans and the 1952 Grand Prix World Championship. From 1948-1988, Enzo Ferrariā€™s cars won over 5,000 races and earned 25 world titles.

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Class of 2000

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