Eva I. Mosley

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1973

As Executive Secretary of the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association and Editor of their monthly newsletter, Eva I. Mosley, Nashville, Tennessee, was the most loved and respected officer of their group. In 1955 Eva joined National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) when it was only nine years old and to date has served loyally and faithfully for more than seventeen years.

Of NIADA, her officers and directors have said, “Eva Mosley is NIADA; without her constant ideas, the people she knows and the background she has, we could not operate. Our conventions would never be as good as they are. She is the one person who ties it all together and the person who does all of the work. She has tremendous talent as an organizational person. She never loses that boundless enthusiasm for NIADA and what it stands for.” With the leadership of Eva, NIADA will continue to grow; and as she said, “In association work, you never catch up.”

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