Fred M. Young, Sr.

Inducted 1986

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1968

Designed the cooling system for the Ford Model T

In 1927, founded Young Radiator Company, which produced cooling systems for automobiles, and for engines used in agriculture, off-shore energy development, railroads and aeronautics

Fred Young used his talents and love of mechanics to keep automobile engines cool.

Prior to World War I, Young applied his engineering skills at the Wright Cooler Manufacturing Company. He joined the armed services at the outbreak of the war and was selected for the School of Military Aeronautics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After graduation he served overseas as an aeronautical engineer and pilot.

Returning to civilian life, Young further developed his skills at the Perfex Radiator Company before founding Young Radiator Company in 1927. Young advanced his own company to prominence by inspiring his employees with common-sense philosophy. On one occasion, he gave each employee a golden coin imprinted with the words “you make the difference.”

A strong believer in clear communication and plain speech, Young advised that a question should be answered simply: Yes, No, I do not know, but I will find out and report to you immediately.

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Class of 1986

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