Fred M. Zeder

Inducted 1998

Helped forge the automotive foundation that made it possible for Walter Chrysler to found the Chrysler Corporation.

Initiated several innovations, including hydraulic brakes, air cleaners, oil filters and curved windshields.

Fred Zeder understood the importance of change as a tool to meet challenges. After graduating from the University of Michigan and then completing an apprenticeship program, Fred Zeder came to Detroit in 1910 to direct the construction of an electric power plant. As his career in power plant operations grew, he became increasingly involved with Detroit’s rapidly emerging automotive industry. In 1913, Zeder became a consulting engineer for the Studebaker Corporation and was promoted to Chief Engineer a year later. While at Studebaker, Zeder realized the weaknessess in his engineering affiliations and decided to bring in Owen Skelton and Carl Breer to form a team to create a new engineering approach. Referred to as “The Three Musketeers” by their colleagues, this team eventually worked with Walter Chrysler to help form Chrysler Corporation

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Class of 1998

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