Gordon B. MacKenzie

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1988

Gordon B. MacKenzie retired as vice president of sales, Ford of Europe, in 1986. Prior to his retirement, however, MacKenzie was given the challenge of revitalizing Ford’s sagging Lincoln- Mercury division at a time when consumers no longer desired large, gas-guzzling automobiles. To revive sales, he inspired the introduction of the successful Lynx, Cougar and Topaz models, and brought in the Young & Rubicam advertising agency to refurbish the division’s image. He also launched the Lincoln Commitment in customer relations, which is considered a turning point in reviving the sales of the division.

Known for his unbridled optimism and energy—he once distributed signs to his employees which urged them to “Do it with enthusiasm!”—MacKenzie was cited by Donald E. Petersen, chairman of Ford, for “his marketing talents, his enthusiasm, and his leadership in every position he has held at Ford.

Both dealers and his fellow employees have had genuine affection and admiration for (him)…His remarkable contributions to Ford will be sorely missed on both sides of the Atlantic,” Petersen said.

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