John L. Wiggins

Inducted 1975

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1968

Headed the National Standard Parts Association for 16 years until the organization merged with the Automotive Service Industry Association

Served as Executive Vice President of Automotive Service Industry Association

John Wiggins made service his life’s work, and he served with style.

Wiggins career included positions as sales promoter for a manufacturer, representative for a trade publisher, and Vice President of an advertising agency. But he distinguished himself during 16 years of service as head of the National Standard Parts Association. The association later merged into the Automotive Service Industry Association and, in 1934, Wiggins assumed the role of Executive Vice President.

Wiggins introduced and directed new programs such as the Automotive Advertising Council to improve the quality of advertising and promotion in the automotive service industry. Stating that the basic and prime function of a trade association…is to help members survive and prosper in a highly competitive economy, Wiggins traveled throughout the country to meet with members of the automotive service community to learn about their changing needs.

True to form, John Wiggins was attending a meeting of the Automotive Advertising Council when he died at age 75. A Motor Age magazine editorial later testified, The aftermarket owes as much to Wiggins as the car makers do to R.E. Olds.

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Class of 1975

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