L. Scott Bailey

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1978

At age 15, he started collecting old cars and consequently his hobby brought him in contact with the Antique Automobile Club of America and sparked his interest in what has now become his life career. In 1954, he became the volunteer editor of their publication. During his term with them, membership increased by 15,000.

He toppled old myths and stirred up much controversy over the beginnings of the American automotive industry. As a result of his interest, the history of the industry unfolds from many areas that might never be known.

He was a lawyer by training; was a public relations consultant for the Eastern Railroad Presidents Conference, The Tennessee Gas Transmission, Joseph E. Seagrams & Sons, Sheraton Hotels, American Rocket Society and many other areas of promotion.

In 1962, he launched a campaign to publish the new hard-cover magazine, Automobile Quarterly. The New York Times quoted the publication as probably the world’s most lavish magazine. It was devoted to the automobiles of today, yesterday and tomorrow.

He had many accomplishments: Recipient of the Thomas McKean Award for outstanding research for automotive history; Winner of the Thompson Product Museum Trophy and the National AACA; Award for outstanding restorations of antique automobiles; Author of “How to Buy and Restore an Antique Car”; Member of 38 American and International organizations devoted to the preservation of automotive history; Participant in the United States and European Vintage Antique automobile events. Automotive consultant and appraiser of: Detroit Public Library; Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.; Philadelphia Free Library; Long Island Automotive Museum; Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, Ford Motor Company; Montagu Motor Museum, Hampshire, England.

He was an international authority on the history of the American automobile and spent much of his time searching and writing the valuable history for the enjoyment of the readers of the Automobile Quarterly.

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