Paul Garrett

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1955

In recognition of his leadership and many activities in the field of industrial public relations to which he has contributed greatly; For his outstanding accomplishments in public relations for the General Motors Corporation after his financial editorship of the New York Evening Post. He joined the Corporation in 1931 as Director of Public Relations, later becoming Vice President in charge of that activity for the world’s largest industrial organization.

For his addresses and authorship of many influential articles on that subject; For becoming the first public relations Vice President of a large industrial organization in this country; For his leadership in seeking recognition of public relations as an essential management function, which has borne fruit both within and outside of the automobile industry.

For his services as the first Chairman of the Public Relations Committee of the Automobile Manufacturers Association, a post that he filled from 1938 to 1948; For his recognition by the National Association of Public Relations Council in 1944, as the individual considered to have done the most to improve the techniques and application of that profession through top-flight proficiency in that year; For his services with the War Industries Board during World War II, and the Government’s subsequent survey of price regulation.

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