Robert B. McCurry

Inducted 1997

1923 - 2006

During a 28-year career with Chrysler Corporation, served as General Sales Manager of the Dodge Division.

Developed Chrysler’s stock car and marine racing programs and instituted the popular “rebate” for new vehicle purchases

Organized a landmark sales and distribution agreement between Chrysler and Mitsubishi Motors

Retired as Vice Chairman of Toyota Motor Sales in 1992, after leading Toyota’s U.S. division to record sales with more than one million cars and trucks

Robert McCurry chose the automotive industry over professional football, but never forgot the importance of team efforts.

An All-State football star in high school, McCurry enrolled at Michigan State University and was captain of the football team for three years. Graduating with honors in 1950, McCurry chose business over professional sports and joined the Dodge Division of Chrysler Corporation as a District Manager. His advancement to General Sales Manager of the Dodge Division in 1960 was one of the quickest in automotive history. McCurry’s team-oriented promotional efforts through the sport of auto racing were instrumental in the success of Chrysler’s Dodge Charger and Charger Daytona. He was also selected to head Chrysler’s newly established Marine Division, which soon became No. 3 in the industry.

McCurry retired from Chrysler in 1978, but was recruited to join Toyota Motor Sales in 1981 and was instrumental in advancing Toyota’s car and truck sales past the one-million mark.

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Class of 1997

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