Thomas N. Frost

Inducted 1970

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1956

Served as a Ford dealer and Firestone dealer for 48 years

Elected to two terms as President of the Automotive Hall of Fame

Actively participated in racing at Indianapolis Speedway and other major race courses

A broken down car started Thomas Frost on the road to success. Frost was growing up in a small town in Virginia when a Model T Ford suffered a mishap near his home: a wheel fell off. The next day a mechanic came to repair the problem and young Tom asked if he could ride in the car. The mechanic put the car into low gear…but the Model T went into reverse! “Right then and there,” Frost later said, ”I decided there was a definite need for mechanics.” At age 16, Frost began his career with a Ford supplier in Warrenton, Virginia. Starting in the stock room, Frost advanced within the company. He used a portion of his earnings to buy shares in the company and eventually became its Vice President. In 1945, Frost opened his own Ford dealership and became one of the most successful and best known dealers in the South. Frost also served the industry he loved by providing leadership to the Automotive Hall of Fame as its President for two terms.

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Class of 1970

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