Walter F. Carey

Inducted 1981

Organized Commercial Carriers in 1934 and fostered its growth into the nation’s largest transporter of new automobiles

Established Commercial Barge Lines to coordinate shipping on the inland waterway system with shipping by truck, building the company into the world’s leading water carrier of motor vehicles

Walter Carey developed more efficient ways to deliver vehicles from auto factories to dealers. Carey entered the trucking industry in 1927 as a bookkeeper for the Lincoln Trucking Company. In 1930 he joined Motor Car Transport Company, serving as Vice President and General Manager until 1942. During that period, Carey organized two companies that revolutionized the shipment of new motor vehicles: Commercial Carriers, Inc., which transported vehicles on land, and Commercial Barge Lines, which coordinated with land-based trucking lines to ship vehicles on the inland waterway system. While serving as President of the American Trucking Association, Inc. during the 1950s, Carey observed, In the short span of 50 years, the trucking industry has grown until it is America’s second largest employer. Carey himself had contributed greatly to this growth. Even following his leadership service to ATA and other national trucking organizations, Carey continued to serve the trucking and auto industry as President of the United States Chamber of Commerce in the 1960s.

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Class of 1981

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