Remarkable Cars Created by Remarkable People on Display

June 6, 2015

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There is always at least one remarkable car behind every remarkable person inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. This year is no exception. The 2015 Induction & Awards Ceremony on July 23 will have some very special cars on display – including a Ferrari LaFerrari.

According to Christian Moe at Top Speed, the LaFerrari is one of the last cars to bear the Luca di Montezemolo seal of approval, and it is easily the most impressive machine that Ferrari created during his 23 years as chairman of the company. The Ferrari LaFerrari is the fastest and most extreme car ever to roll out of the factory. He doesn’t want to see Luca di Montezemolo leave, but the LaFerrari sure makes an impressive swan song.

(Thanks to the Lingenfelter Collection and Cauley Ferrari for displaying the car.)

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