Aeropede: This aeropede combines centuries of innovative ideas into one imaginary vehicle.

Birth of the Auto: Karl Benz is the inventor of the first automobile powered by an internal combustion engine.

Hall of Honor: A spectacular 11-foot-high, 65-foot-long mural painted with 90 images celebrates the impact of the motor vehicle on the world’s culture.

Leaders and Innovators: Ralph Teetor, a blind engineering genius, invented cruise control in the 1940s and patented it under the name Speedostat.

Lincoln Highway – America’s First Interstate: Henry B. Joy, Roy D. Chapin and Carl G. Fisher were some of the people responsible for building the first interstate highway.

Motorsports: Richard Petty so utterly dominated that he earned the nickname “The King.”

People Selling Cars: Edward Davis became the first African American to own a new Big Three car dealership. Successful with all customers, his motto was “Good citizenship is our business, too.”

Tech Visionaries: Soichiro Honda’s dedication to racing put Honda on the cutting edge of new technology in the mid-1960s.

Trucks and Truckers: John Mack pioneered the development of vehicles that transformed the trucking industry. Truck innovation helped transport cargo around the world.

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