Since our inception in 1939, the Automotive Hall of Fame has honored nearly 800 deserving men and women worldwide, and we look forward to continuing this tradition of excellence in 2024. The upcoming ceremony promises to be a momentous occasion as we continue our tradition of honoring and celebrating the exceptional achievements of individuals in the international automotive industry.

The 2024 Induction Ceremony will be held on September 19, 2024 at Michigan Central Station in Detroit!


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Dr. Betsy Ancker-Johnson

Johnson was a barrier breaker as the first woman VP in the automotive industry, hired in 1972 at General Motors. Johnson oversaw two of the industry’s most controversial areas at the time: environmental compliance and vehicle safety.  Johnson was an acclaimed plasma physicist that was known for her research, numerous patents and impact on Automotive environmental and safety issues.  

Vic Edelbrock, Sr. & Vic Edelbrock, Jr.

Vic Edelbrock Sr.’s pioneering spirit and innovative engineering defined the aftermarket sector, introducing high-performance components that revolutionized vehicle performance. Vic Edelbrock Jr.’s seamless continuation of this legacy and commitment to quality, innovation, and global expansion solidified the Edelbrock name as an enduring symbol of excellence, earning them both a place among the industry’s most esteemed leaders. 

William “Bill” Ford

 Bill Ford has played a pivotal role advancing the industry while positioning an iconic, global, 120-year-old family company for the future. Since becoming executive chair 25 years ago, he has led Ford Motor Company through periods of change and uncertainty with a values-driven approach that demonstrates corporate responsibility and success can go hand in hand. He was an early and influential advocate for sustainability and environmental responsibility, a driving force behind mobility innovation, and continues to champion the revitalization of the Motor City.

John A. James 

James opened the commercial trucking industry to minorities who had previously been excluded. After court battles and relentless advocacy, James was the first African American given the ability to transport goods within Michigan and across state lines. Today James Group International is an award winning logistics and automotive services leader.  

Vivek Sehgal

As the visionary founder of Motherson Group, Sehgal’s entrepreneurial spirit propelled the company from its inception to a global powerhouse, shaping the industry’s landscape. His commitment to innovation, sustainable practices, and global collaboration has elevated his company and left an indelible mark on the automotive world. 

Wendell Oliver Scott, Sr.

As the first African American to win a NASCAR Grand National (now Cup Series) race, Scott’s triumph shattered racial barriers and opened doors for greater diversity in racing. His legacy of perseverance, innovative mechanical skills, and pioneering spirit serves as an inspiration to future generations and underscores his significant role in shaping the narrative of inclusion and progress within the automotive world. 


Distinguished Service Citation

Julie Fream, retired President and CEO, MEMA Original Equipment Suppliers


Mobility Innovator

Chris Urmson, CEO and co-founder of Aurora





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