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  • If you love motorsports as much as we do at the Automotive Hall of Fame, you’ll want to know some of the most important women in racing today. Continue reading to learn more about these rising and established stars. “Learn from every opportunity and keep everything in perspective. Positivity is a choice.” – Sabré Cook: first member of the Porsche Deluxe Female Driver Development Program “Stay true to who you are. Trust your gut and
  • For those who are car enthusiasts, the name Pininfarina conjures up images of beautiful, powerful automobiles. Vehicles such as the 1967 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, the Ferrari F40 and – of course – the gorgeous new electric hypercar Battista!    Viritech Apricale This year, Pininfarina promised us their first hydrogen hypercar. The Viritech Apricale. Apricale is the first car in the world to achieve zero-emissions hypercar performance. In talking about why he’s passionate about the Apricale, Silvio
  • By Jack Teetor, nephew of 1988 AHF Inductee Ralph Teetor Ralph R. Teetor filed his first patent on his speed control device in 1945, under the tradename, “Speed-o-Stat,” known worldwide as “Cruise Control,” one of today’s most popular and convenient driving devices. His idea came in 1936, when Teetor was annoyed while riding with his patent attorney who could not maintain a constant speed.  As Teetor once stated, “The general purpose is to make driving
  • By Leah Minadeo, AHF Archives & Digital Asset Manager One of the artifacts on display at the Automotive Hall of Fame is the Ransom E. Olds “birthday book,” which was compiled by the Lansing Rotary Club and presented to 1968 AHF Inductee and Oldsmobile founder Ransom E. Olds on his 80th birthday in 1944. The book contains more than 600 letters and well-wishes from prominent figures including 1967 AHF Inductee Henry Ford, J. Edgar Hoover,

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