Charles A. Bott

Inducted 1990

Provided the ideal image of an honest businessman through his highly successful automobile dealerships

Instituted the first retirement and employee profit-sharing programs in the retail auto industry

Received many honors, including the prestigious Time Magazine Quality Dealer Award in 1970

Charles Bott was the kind of dealer every prospective buyer hopes to meet when it’s time to purchase a car. Bott plunged into the automotive industry at age 14. With only an eighth-grade education, he quickly moved from mechanic to salesman. At age 19, Bott convinced attorneys that he was old enough to assume legal responsibility for his first auto dealership. Although that venture was short-lived, Bott remained in the industry and opened a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership in 1947 which became highly successful. Bott spent a lifetime handing over new sets of car and truck keys to happy buyers, and paid back his success through community service. His dedication to the Boy Scouts and other community organizations earned him many awards and the respect of his colleagues and neighbors

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Class of 1990

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