Eli C. Wareheim

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1953

In recognition of his activities in the commercial credit field since 1912, when the Commercial Credit Corporation of Baltimore, Maryland, was formed, of which he was one of the first five employees and is now the President; For his association with the automobile industry since 1916, when financing of installment sales of “pleasure car automobiles” was undertaken.

For his outstanding service to the automobile industry and to the public through the “time sale plan,” which enormously increased the number of car owners and has done much to speed the acceptance of the automobile as a necessity of our daily life, also through increased demand has assisted the manufacturers in their effort to stabilize production on a year around basis; for his activity as Vice Chairman of the Operating Committee of the Automotive Safety Foundation; President of the Maryland State Council of Automobile Old Timers, also for his many contributions to national and civic betterment.

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