Gordon Rountree

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1990

Gordon Rountree Sr., a highly successful automotive dealer who has been equally honored by his industry and by his community, exemplifies the role the dealer should play in business and civic affairs. Rountree, owner and manager of Gordon Rountree Motors, LTD in Waco, Texas, is recognized as a model dealer who has given his time and talent to improve the industry he loves. He has earned the respect of fellow dealers and customers as well as the gratitude of numerous civic, cultural, and church-related organizations he has assisted in several capacities.

Rountree founded Gordon Rountree Motors LTD in 1947. He was the local Lincoln-Mercury dealer until 1950, when he purchased a Cadillac dealership that he and his three children still operate. Rountree and the Rountree dealership have received many honors and citations. He has been named one of the ten National Time Quality¬†Dealers, as well as State Quality Dealer of the Year in Texas. He also served as president of the Society of Texas Automobile Dealers Association. Rountree was the first dealer in his area to offer automobiles to high schools for the purpose of Drivers’ Education instruction.

Rountree was honored by the Founder Lions Club of Waco as its outstanding citizen for providing the state of Texas with “leadership in the development of our most precious commodity, the future of our young people.” A friend of Rountree’s once said, “If it is good for Waco, you won’t have to search for Gordon. He will already be there.”

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