J. Stuart Perkins

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1973

The automotive experience in England with Morris Car Company as an engineer gave J. Stuart Perkins his start. He transferred his interests to eastern Canada with British Motor Corporation, and in 1952 he became Assistant Service Manager for Volkswagen Canada Ltd. When the opportunity came, he came to New York City in 1955 as one of the first three employees of Volkswagen United States. As Assistant to the Managing Director he began to make progress, and by 1956 he was Sales and Organization Manager. By 1960 he assumed the duty of Vice President and General Sales Manager, and, in 1963 General Manager.

Because of his determination to succeed and to make his company a success, he was elected President January 1, 1965 of the newly named—Volkswagen of America, Inc. He found time to give personal attention to every detail of the Volkswagen plan. Served as Chairman of the Board of three Volkswagen enterprises—Volkswagen Insurance Company, Volkswagen Products Corporation, and Volkswagen Canada, and President of the German-American Chamber of Commerce. Under his leadership, Volkswagen of America grew and set many records of automotive value.

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