John E. “Jack” Echlin

Inducted 1985

1935 - 1988

Formed Echlin & Echlin, Inc. in partnership with his brother Earl in 1924, and began manufacturing oil pumps and igniter gears for the dawning automotive repair industry.

Acquired an ignition parts business and secured NAPA approval as its official supplier.

John E. Echlin succeeded by staying in tune with a changing industry. Early in his career, Echlin’s success was predicted in a San Francisco Daily News editorial. His greatest gift was the ability to recognize and adjust to trends in the growing automobile industry. After starting in business with his brother, producing pistons, pins, gears and other automotive parts, Echlin realized that automotive components had to keep pace with improvements in auto design. The company began manufacturing oil pumps and igniter gears, and Echlin convinced the growing National Automotive Parts Association that Echlin & Echlin should be their official supplier of these products. When the company acquired an ignition parts business, Echlin again sought and received NAPA approval. The company moved from California to Connecticut in the 1940s and continued to expand into diversified product lines. Thanks to the leadership of John Echlin, the company continued to remain on the leading edge of changing trends in the industry.

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Class of 1985

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