Lester L. Colbert

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1955

In recognition of his executive abilities and forceful leadership as President of the Chrysler Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive vehicles and numerous other products; For his great skill in handling industrial relations in a highly intricate management-labor field and for his self-taught knowledge of the techniques of mass production. For his dynamic supervision of manufacturing aircraft engines for B-29 Superfortresses during World War II in the nation’s largest aircraft powerplant factory, despite more than 6,000 design changes incorporated without lapses in production, and for reducing their cost to less than half the estimates.

For the ability he demonstrated in reorganizing the management, production-engineering and sales staffs of the Dodge Division, Chrysler’s largest subsidiary, of which he was President; For his magnificent achievement in quickly converting the Company’s manufacturing facilities from a major arsenal to peace-time production.

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