M.H. Yager

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1978

His more than forty-seven years in the automobile business brought to him many challenges through the years. His first efforts were in Spokane, Washington as a wholesale manager for a General Motors Pontiac-Oakland distributorship. In 1936, he moved to Albany, New York as a Zone Manager for Pontiac Division, Zone Manager in Philadelphia 1938-1941 and from there set up his own agency in Albany.

During his active years, he participated in politics; testified in 1955 before the Senate Antimonopoly Subcommittee regarding a break-up of GM considered by the Government as a “giant industry”; Testified on behalf of the welfare of dealers around the country; has had important roles with NADA in establishing the first auto merchandising course at Northwood Institute; led the fund raising to establish the educational television station WMHT in Albany; has through the Yager Foundation aided the Albany Medical Center Hospital and many other philanthropic causes.

Even though he sold his dealership to his partner in 1973, he still was a devoted automotive industry man and as he said, “Now, as I go out to pasture, I’m sure I will be like the fire horses of other days – when the gong rings, I will be raring to go to the fire.”

With widespread interests he served as director in Greater Albany Chamber of Commerce, director of Senior Citizens Center, member of Shrine, Country Club, AOT, National Automobile Dealers Association, Albany Automobile Dealers Association, director of New York State Automobile Dealers Association, a director of NADA and a past Treasurer of NADA.

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