Zollie S. Frank

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1978

The more than forty years in the automotive business have been eventful ones for him; growth, involvement and personal contributions have brought recognition on the local, state and national levels. In addition to his Presidency of “Z” Frank, Inc., his Chevrolet dealership, he also headed Wheels, Inc., the world’s largest privately owned leasing operation; was President of Four Wheels, Inc.; Laurie James, Inc.; Five Wheels, Inc.; Globe Auto Leasing Co.; C-N Insurance Co.; Chairman of ”C” James, Inc., a Pontiac dealership.

He became involved in the automotive business at age 29 when he bought Keystone Motor Sales, Chicago’s smallest Chrysler dealership; later it became the largest. In 1952-53 he switched to Chevrolet at the same location and purchased Ramser Chevrolet. All of it became “Z” Frank, Inc. and covered several blocks of prime frontage.

The facility included one of the country’s largest service centers able to handle more than 300 cars per day. Also they are equipped with “Electraac”, a unique system designed and copyrighted by “Z” Frank, Inc., that can test more than 100 automobile functions in assembly line fashion and completely diagnose any malfunction.

His awards from General Motors Acceptance Corporation; Motors Insurance Corporation, General Motors Outstanding Sales Awards; General Motors Parts Division Market Building Award; Chevrolet’s various awards and many community awards speak well for his participation in the automobile industry and his humanitarian efforts, all something he believed in.

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