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Our Vision: A world informed and enriched by automotive heritage and actively engaged with the changing mobility story.

Our Mission: To honor and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals in the global motor vehicle industry through awards and educational programs that challenge young and old alike to higher levels of personal achievement.

Our Mandate: The Automotive Hall of Fame’s mandate is to increase the public’s understanding of the contribution that the global motor vehicle industry has on our freedom of personal mobility and on our high standard of living. In the process of preserving global motor vehicle industry history, the Automotive Hall of Fame is dedicated to shaping a better future for all.

Our Donors: The Automotive Hall of Fame is greatly appreciative of the generous donors whose support funds Museum Operations, Programming and Exhibitory, as well as Scholarships, Educational Programs and other Special Projects.

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We are grateful for the donors who support the Automotive Hall of Fame’s mission to tell the story of the world’s most powerful industry through the people who brought it to life. Your donations are used to support our operations, events, and scholarships.

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