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November 12, 2021

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The two glass plate negatives below were recently discovered in our collection and feature 1997 AHF Inductees Walter, Windsor, and Rollin White. The brothers developed White Steamer cars and trucks that were known for their quality and performance in the early 1900s. A White Steamer car was The White House’s first automobile, put into service during Taft’s administration in 1909. The first image, dated 1904, shows a White Steamer car during the Sealed Bonnet Contest sponsored by the Automobile Club of America. The second photo, dated 1905, shows a White Steamer car nicknamed “Whistling Billy.” We were able to preserve these images thanks to assistance from Wayne State University.

At the Automotive Hall of Fame, we keep stories of discovery and achievement like this alive. An important part of this effort includes digitizing our extensive archives. This project is already underway, but we need your help to continue. Click here to learn how a gift of just $20 can help us obtain a professional scanner, which will accelerate our important preservation efforts.

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