Achievement Traveling Exhibit

About Achievement

This exhibit is a celebration of Black innovation, invention, and leadership. The contributions African Americans have made to the automotive industry have not been celebrated or even fully captured and shared. We recognize that these are important stories that need to be told. This exhibit is our first effort to join with community in telling these stories.

Achievement is now available as a traveling exhibit for schools, libraries and other organizations. Click here to request the Achievement traveling exhibit at no cost – simply pay the shipping fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How large is the exhibit?

Achievement is approximately 12 feet long x 2 feet wide x 6 feet tall. The exhibit will need to be in a space approximately 15 feet long x 8 feet wide.

How much does the exhibit cost?

The exhibit is free, simply pay shipping costs.

What does the exhibit look like?

Achievement consists of five SEG system stands that are easy to move, set up and take down. When local to the Automotive Hall of Fame, the AHF staff will set up and take down the exhibit.

Does the exhibit come with staff?

The exhibit is a self-guided, interactive experience that features online videos and games. It comes with a user guide and educational support materials.

How long is the exhibit available?

Achievement is available for a one-month loan.

Who will benefit from this exhibit?

The exhibit is ideal for children in grade 3 through adult.

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