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  • 2020/2021 AHF Inductee Jay Leno’s passion for automobiles has been a driving force throughout his life. He even found a clever way to land a job at an exclusive car dealership in Boston. In the early 1970s, Leno was looking to make some money during the day while keeping his evenings free for open mic opportunities. European Motors was the Boston dealership for Rolls Royce, Citroen and Mercedes-Benz. Leno swaggered into the dealership armed with his experience as a “lot boy”
  • 2020/2021 AHF Awardee Harold Goddijn and three like-minded entrepreneurs came together to create Palm Top Software in 1991, the company that would later become TomTom. Under Goddijn’s leadership, the company created pioneering digital map and location technologies. In 2021, he was named as the AHF’s first ever Mobility Innovator Award winner.   TomTom CEO Harrold Goddijn is the Automotive Hall of Fame’s first Dutchman to be recognized with an award Over his 30-year career at TomTom, Goddijn has overseen the development of new products, steered the company through pivotal acquisitions and mergers, and is now guiding the Dutch location
  • 2020/2021 AHF Inductee Jay Leno was always comfortable talking with celebrities and leaders, even before he became a television star.  As a child, Leno hung out at the local Ford dealer and managed to land a part time job as a “lot boy.”  A “lot boy” was responsible for keeping the cars clean and fetching whatever was needed by the crew in the garage.  One day, Leno was carrying a stack of wheel covers when he managed to drop them
  • By Brian Baker, Principal Historian  At 16 years old, 2020/2021 AHF Inductee Jay Leno purchased his first vehicle. It was a 1934 Ford pickup truck. 1968 AHF Inductee Edsel Ford’s styling direction for the 1932 Ford was part of the influence that made these 1930s trucks so iconic.    1934 Ford pickup While working on his Ford truck, Leno slammed one of the doors too hard and accidently broke the window glass. Unfortunately, he had no cash to repair it as he had put all his money into the upholstery.  One day, he was sitting in class looking out the window at his truck when it began to rain. With no window, Leno’s upholstery repairs would be ruined. Just

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