Candidate Submission – Distinguished Service Citation

The Distinguished Service Citation recognizes men and women who are contributing to the automotive industry, in some significant manner, through either sustained superior performance or a specific important achievement. A recipient is typically actively engaged in or recently retired or deceased from the industry when selected.

Candidates are classified into the following industry categories:

  • Automobile Clubs, Associations, Advertisers
  • Car and Truck Dealers and Distributors
  • Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Automotive Aftermarket and Service Industry
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturers
  • Inventors, Engineers, Designers
  • Journalists, Historians, Educators
  • Racing
  • Trucks and Trucking
  • Other

Candidates are evaluated with respect to others in the same industry category. Two candidates from each category will be selected by the Awards Committee as finalists. Finalists are evaluated against those from the other categories to determine the most deserving recipients of the total group. Selections are ratified by the Board of Directors of the Automotive Hall of Fame.

Candidates for the Distinguished Service Citation should meet the following General Criteria:

  • Have made a meaningful contribution to the development of the automobile, the truck, or the motor vehicle industry.
  • Have achieved success in their particular field of automotive endeavor as exemplified by positions of leadership, awards and honors, patents, etc.
  • Be recognized as innovative, generally characterized by the “invention” of products, ideas, or concepts.
  • Be recognized as a risk-taker, generally characterized by establishing a new direction or developing a position not popular at the time.
  • Have made contributions outside the automotive industry, exemplified through community, educational, philanthropic, or government activities.
  • Have a long-standing affiliation with the automotive industry.
  • Be of high moral character.

Candidate Submission Deadline:

Candidate Submissions must be received by August 31 in order to be considered for the Induction Ceremony held in July of the following year.

Please complete the Candidate Submission Form carefully, making sure to supply information that will satisfy the General Criteria above. Copies of resumes, magazine, newspaper, web articles, and other reference materials that would assist the Awards Committee in considering the candidate, should be attached with the Candidate Submission From. An incomplete form or insufficient information can hinder a candidate’s chances of selection.

Candidate Submission Form

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