Charles M. Pigott

Inducted 1998

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1984

Led PACCAR Inc. to unprecedented growth in heavy truck development and sales

Encouraged the design of an entirely new look for heavy trucks

Pursued quality and technical excellence by creating PACCAR Inc. Technical Center

Charles Pigott’s commitment to technology forever transformed the look of heavy-duty trucks. Charles Pigott led PACCAR Inc., a producer of heavy trucks, for three consecutive decades. PACCAR, originally known as Pacific Car & Foundry Company, was founded in 1906 by Pigott’s grandfather. It was already known as one of the leaders in the trucking industry when Charles Pigott became the company’s President in 1965, and Chief Executive Officer in 1967. Under his direction, PACCAR reported profits every year, with sales growing from nearly $320 million to more than $4.3 billion. Charles Pigott’s leadership spurred PACCAR to become one of the most successful industrial companies in North America.

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Class of 1998

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