Elliot Lehman

Inducted 1993

In 1961, Elliot Lehman was selected Co-Chief Executive of Fel-Pro Inc., a manufacturer of gaskets, sealants and lubricants. He guided Fel-Pro to industry leadership by emphasizing effective labor-management relationships that resulted in high productivity.

Lehman got his start in a family-owned business, and led the company to success by treating employees like family. Just before World War II, Lehman joined Fel-Pro, a father and son-in-law operation that produced washers and felt gaskets for the Ford Model T. After the war, Lehman returned to Fel-Pro and advanced steadily, being named as Co-Chief Executive in 1969 along with Lewis Weinberg.

Lehman’s leadership focused on good relationships between labor and management. At Fel-Pro, he initiated ground-breaking policies and practices such as family leave, child care, flexible hours, and job-sharing. These and other practices contributed to high productivity and employee loyalty that was applauded throughout the industry.

Among their accolades, Lehman and Weinberg received recognition for excellent management by Industry Week magazine in 1980, and were named one of the country’s best places for working mothers by Working Mother magazine in 1991.

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Class of 1993

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