Hubert C. Moog

Inducted 1988

1912 - 1988

Hubert C.  Moog developed his family’s business into a world-renowned provider of automotive replacement parts; advocated and supported comprehensive training for “aftermarket” parts installers; and steered his family’s business to success by improving automobiles one part at a time. 

Immediately after Moog earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin, he joined the St. Louis Spring Company (later renamed Moog Automotive, Inc.), founded by his father and his uncle. Working at a variety of positions within the company helped him discover what automotive consumers wanted and needed after the car rolled off the assembly line. Focusing on suspension and steering parts and accessories, Moog championed the idea that “aftermarket” parts must be better than the original parts and should be installed by skilled, well-trained specialists.  

The company, founded in 1919, built its reputation deploying forward looking technologies, solving quality problems and supporting mechanics. In 1920, the company installed an advanced electrically fired draw furnace, which delivered a more consistently tempered, higher-quality spring.  

In 1935, the company moved to Wellston and added more products. A few years later it was renamed Moog Industries, Inc. Products manufactured and sold included their patented CarGo Coil, ball joints, idler arms, pitman arms, tie rod ends, coil springs, power steering components and various parts for foreign vehicles. 

In 1937, they produced a front-end replacement part recognized by mechanics as outperforming the factory original. In the 1950s they entered racing and found a new means of reducing friction in ball joints that did not compromise strength. In the 1970s they focused on training for their salesmen, as well as their customer, opening a hightech training facility.  

Moog became company President in 1953 and served as Chairman from 1973 until his retirement in 1982. His guidance solidified the name “Moog” as synonymous with quality and reliability. 

In 1972 the company changed its name to Moog Automotive, Inc.  

Hundreds of innovations later, the MOOG brand is still recognized throughout the industry for providing not only problem-solving parts, but award-winning technical support and training materials, including the MOOG Problem Solver bulletins.

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Class of 1988

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