Vincent Bendix

Inducted 1984

Designed and built 7,000 Bendix Motor Buggies (1907-1909)

Developed and manufactured the electric starter drive beginning in 1914

Formed Bendix Corporation in 1924 and introduced the first reliable four-wheel brake system

Vincent Bendix made starting and stopping the automobile easier for millions of drivers. An eager spirit and the urge to follow his varied interests led Bendix to run away to New York at age 16. Jobs ranging from typist to elevator operator increased his skills and led to employment with aeronautics pioneer Glenn Curtiss. Working for Curtiss provided Bendix with an opportunity to gain extensive knowledge of the internal combustion engine. In a failing effort to manufacture his own cars, Bendix learned valuable lessons about mechanics and customer needs. The electric starter drive he developed became widely used and was instrumental in closing the era of crank-start cars. His company’s later introduction of a successful four-wheel brake system greatly increased the automobile’s practical use and safety.

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Class of 1984

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