William E. Holler

Inducted 1969

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1949

Served Chevrolet as Sales Manager from 1933 to 1945, setting new sales records

Established outstanding sales and training programs including Chevrolet’s Quality Dealer Program and the Chevrolet School of Merchandising and Management

Wrote a best-selling motivational sales book called Step Out and Sell

Long before motivational speakers became fashionable, William Holler was an institution. Automotive News described Holler as “a spellbinder, a table-pounder, an evangelist.” But he didn’t sell cars on personality alone. By understanding customer wants and needs, Holler was able to develop innovative programs to inspire dealers to establish new sales records. A believer that a good sales person is critical to the economy, Holler elevated the standards of the profession. In sales literature and speeches he often pointed out that the commander who leads the troops in battle…the volunteer who raises funds for charity…the homeowner who gets the neighborhood involved in a community project…is doing a sales job. Holler’s service to Chevrolet ended in 1945 when he retired. Typically, he spent his last hours on the job in an all-day sales meeting.

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Class of 1969

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