Scholarship FAQs

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Scholarship Application
The program has specific scholarships for incoming freshmen and upper-level undergraduate students. All of the scholarships are based on financial needs and with the usual minimum GPA requirement of 3.0.

To be eligible for a scholarship you must:

  • Submit a completed application form indicating a sincere interest in an automotive career.
  • Provide an official transcript of all academic work.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation supporting your automotive interests.
  • Submit a letter of acceptance for an associate, bachelor, or masters program.
  • Be accepted at an accredited college, university or trade school within the United States at the time of application.
  • Students attending a technical training school may also apply (trade school should equal a two-year associate program).
  • Student must be a United States citizen or in the United States on a Student Visa.
  • Must be enrolled full-time.
  • Must have 3.0 GPA or higher.

Interested students can complete and submit the application online.

Please send an email to with any questions or comments concerning scholarship applications.

Entries must be postmarked between Feb 1 and June 30.

Entries may be submitted online or mailed to:

Automotive Hall of Fame
21400 Oakwood
Dearborn, MI, 48124

Faxes are not accepted.

Those chosen to receive scholarships will be contacted during August.

Scholarship checks are sent to the schools in August and are to be used for tuition and lab fees for that calendar year.

Meet the future of the automotive industry

“This scholarship will truly help me reach new heights. I am extremely honored to have been selected for this award, and I cannot wait to further contribute to the automotive industry.”

– Marcus, 2021 AHF scholarship recipient and Florida Atlantic University student
“It’s been my dream to be an automotive designer since I was a child. I’m excited to explore how transportation and automobiles fit into our lives and adapt to the needs of the environment.”

– Anurag, 2021 AHF Carlyle Fraser/Wilton Looney scholarship recipient and College for Creative Studies student

“In my future career, I want to represent other women in the automotive industry with a strong and brave face. I have a special interest in the corporate marketing side along with media management. “

– Jorden, 2021 AHF Jim Moran scholarship recipient and Northwood University student
“I can’t wait to learn all about the automotive industry and start creating the vehicles of the future. My classes have already been challenging and involved, but I feel like I am growing as an intellectual and designer.”

– Gavin, 2021 AHF scholarship recipient and Lawrence Tech student

“The hands-on course work, along with my cohort, has challenged me to become a better leader and student of business.”

– Kendall, 2020 AHF scholarship recipient and Northwood University student

“I enjoyed my first semester and I hope to continue that excitement by learning more about the automotive industry and to become a successful leader in the industry one day.”

– Sam, 2020 AHF Jim Moran scholarship recipient and Northwood University student
“As a first generation college student from a low income family, I appreciate the opportunities this scholarship will bring. You have lightened the financial burden, allowing me to concentrate on my studies.”

– Antonia, 2020 AHF scholarship recipient and Kettering University student
“I am fortunate to attend Northwood University this year with the generous scholarship. Our professors are willing to help us grow as students and apply our knowledge to the work environment.”

– Brandon, 2020 AHF scholarship recipient and Northwood University student

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