Genichi Taguchi

Inducted 1997

Served as a consultant to both Japanese and American auto manufacturers, leading numerous companies to the adoption of Taguchi quality control methods

In 1960, received the Deming Prize, Japan’s highest honor, for his contributions to the field of quality engineering; also received the Deming Literature Award three times for books on quality control methodologies and industrial design

Dr. Genichi Taguchi brought a new sense of understanding to the automotive industry by unlocking the mystery of statistics. Born in Japan’s Niigata prefecture, Taguchi attended Kiryu Technical College before joining the Imperial Japanese Navy. After World War II, Naguchi’s scientific career began with employment at the Japanese Ministry of Education’s Institute of Statistical Mathematics. Later, focusing on automotive engineering with emphasis on the use of statistics in quality control, Taguchi created books and programs that served auto manufacturers around the world. Beginning in the 1950s, seminars promoting Taguchi methodologies conducted by both Japanese and international quality control and statistical standard organizations trained thousands of experts in Taguchi methods. In addition to stimulating discussion at universities and educational institutions throughout the world, Taguchi methods have been instrumental in the development and continuing improvement of quality control programs of auto manufacturers including Toyota Motor Company, Mitsubishi Motors, and Ford Motor Company.

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Class of 1997

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