William A. Raftery

Inducted 1997

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1980

Served as President of the Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association for 30 years

As spokesperson for the automotive parts industry, was instrumental in legislation regarding motor vehicle safety, emission controls and vehicle inspections

William Raftery was instrumental in leading component manufacturers through an evolution from a narrowly focused market base into one of global standing. In his leadership role with the Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association, Raftery was deeply involved with products, processes and legislative and regulatory activities that impacted the automotive parts and aftermarket industries.

His successes include the concept of “shock mounting” light bulbs to reduce bulb failures and reduce vehicle maintenance, and directing a legislative program that mandated the installation of turn signals on large trucks. Raftery also played a leading part in implementing the “Transnet” system of major automotive parts order entry system that is used throughout North America. As a spokesperson for the automotive parts industry, Raftery served on presidential advisory committees for eight U.S. Presidents, and was recognized with many awards including the American Society of Association Executive’s International Award in recognition of “Extraordinary contributions by a U.S. Trade Association Executive in the promotion of international relations.”

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Class of 1997

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