Martin E. Goldman

Inducted 1981

Distinguished Service Citation Award 1975

Established Shop Equipment Associates in 1919 to provide training in the use of shop equipment

Was instrumental in founding the highly successful Automotive Replacement Management Program at Northwood University

Martin Goldman believed that success comes in cans…and that anyone can succeed. Motor vehicles were still being started with a crank when Goldman entered the automotive industry. As a parts wholesaler, he helped introduce self-starters, horns, bumpers, and speedometers as accessories. Understanding the importance of the parts he was selling…and the proper use of repair equipment…he and his colleagues launched Shop Equipment Associates in 1919. Promoting professionalism through education, the group created a program whose slogan was “The Best Equipped Shop Gets the Business” Goldman’s interest in education continued when he moved from automotive parts to advertising in 1931. Building on his knowledge of the industry, Goldman managed advertising campaigns that stressed preventative maintenance. In 1969 he joined Northwood University as Director of Automotive Replacement Marketing. At Northwood he devoted full time to training people to function effectively in all phases of the automotive industry.

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Class of 1981

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