Remembering Sergio Marchionne

July 27, 2018

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The Automotive Hall of Fame joins the rest of the automotive community in remembering Sergio Marchionne, the industry trailblazer who orchestrated the merger of two troubled companies to form powerhouse Fiat Chrysler. We were saddened to learn that Mr. Marchionne passed away on Wednesday at the age of 66. Following in the footsteps of Detroit executives such as Lee Iacocca, another Chrysler icon, Mr. Marchionne was a virtuosic leader who challenged the industry status quo. In the immediate wake of the 2008 financial crisis, he made the bold move of acquiring Chrysler, vigorously re-structuring its leadership and re-imagining its roster of cars. Working seven days a week, commuting often between Italy and the US, Mr. Marchionne became known for his trademark outfit of a black sweater and jeans – which he wore even to meetings with US Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

The Detroit News: Marchionne forged Detroit redemption in collapse

The AHF interviewed Marchionne earlier this year as part of a tribute to 2018 Inductee Mike Jackson, featured here.

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